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    This page is available in English only.

    One account to replace them all.

    Global payments simplified: multicurrency accounts, Visa cards, bank transfers and foreign exchange for businesses.

    It’s free.


    "Very simple UI, fast to open, low fees, excellent service. I can't recommend it enough."

    "Fast, efficient and professional customer service. Extremely recommended!"

    "Service that is light years ahead of a bank."

    Made for your business.

    eCommerce stores

    Easily connect to Amazon, Shopify, PayPal, Stripe, Klarna, Afterpay, and many more.

    Small businesses

    Get bank payments directly from your customers, and manage expenses with a Visa Business card.

    Big businesses

    Send mass global payments, and conveniently manage your employee expense cards.

    Helping you grow.

    Modern convenience

    Get a digital wallet, dedicated bank details and a Visa Business card, all hassle free and fully online.

    Incredible savings

    Only pay for what you use. Accounts are free to open, have no monthly fees, and pricing is simple and transparent.

    Global payments

    Fast and simple multi-currency bank transfers. Our global network means you have an account everywhere.

    A solution for every need.


    Pay and get paid globally. Access Currenxie's global bank account network to collect and make payments, so you always get the local treatment. Fast, affordable, and flexible.


    Spend anywhere. Use your Global Account funds for online and offline payments with the Currenxie Card. With a global merchant network ready to accept Visa, you're equipped for any expense.

    Currency Exchange

    Simple and transparent. You always get the real mid-market rate, just like on XE.com or Reuters. And there's just one low fee to exchange currencies, so you never need to worry about having the right one.


    Virtually everywhere. Need a bank account number? Simply select a location in your Global Account and we'll issue you a unique virtual account at one of our partner banks. All of the funds you receive go straight into your multi-currency wallet.

    World’s largest network of bank account numbers

    Opening an online business account in Hong Kong or one of 28 countries around the world has never been easier.

    Personal client support

    A digital business account with real-world service. No bots here - when you need us, we're there to help.

    Designed for every device

    With native web and mobile apps, manage your business account how and when it suits you.

    Media Hub

    Press Releases

    The Currenxie Visa Business Card Has Arrived!

    Our most requested and anticipated new product has launched!  Despite the fact that there are currently 2.8 billion credit cards …

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    Why should I open a Currenxie Global Account®?

    One account, 18 currencies, 28 countries. Our goal is to make access to international digital business banking easier than ever!

    Payments are fundamental to any business, so if you're a business owner or entrepreneur, a Global Account gives you the edge. Plus, it's completely free to open an account, and you'll be saving time and money with every payment.

    How do I open a business account online?
    We've made it easy for you. You can apply online in the time it takes to drink a coffee, and your business account can be opened in just a few days.
    Does my business need to be incorporated in Hong Kong to use Currenxie?
    No! Although we are one of the leading B2B digital banking solutions in Hong Kong, Currenxie is licensed around the world and committed to helping businesses everywhere.
    Who do I reach out to if I have any problems?
    We believe in combining financial technology with great client support. If you have any problems or questions with your online business account, our outstanding support team is ready to help.
    Do you offer personal banking accounts?
    Our goal at Currenxie is to be the best online b2b business account on the market! For this reason, we are exclusively focused on business accounts.
    Do I need a registered business to open an account?
    Yes - but we work with everyone from sole traders to corporations.

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  • Features
  • Accounts
  • Payments
  • Cards
  • Currency Exchange
  • API
  • English

    This page is available in English only.

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