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Why Digital Business Accounts are the Perfect eCommerce Partner

Why Digital Business Accounts are the Perfect eCommerce Partner


Finding a banking solution for an eCommerce business can be challenging. Traditional banks are often slow, offer poor customer service, and there always seems to be a fee for something.

The truth is, traditional banks aren’t equipped to help eCommerce business owners. Which is why digital business accounts are the perfect eCommerce partner.

Digital business accounts are opening up commerce to the world. They allow entrepreneurs from around the globe to have the banking experience they need, at a reasonable price.

Let’s go into detail and break down 6 reasons why digital business accounts are an ideal solution for eCommerce businesses around the world.

#1 - Digital business accounts are easy to open

While opening a personal account with a traditional bank is (usually) easy, opening a business bank account can be challenging. Traditional banks will often invite you in for an interview, run credit reports and ask for a lot of supporting documentation, before taking weeks or months to make a decision.

But in contrast, digital business accounts are quite easy and quick to open.

For example, here at Currenxie, to apply for a Global Account you simply apply online and your account can be opened in a few days. Once approved, you can start using your international business banking account for your eCommerce business.

All of this can be done without having to go into an actual branch - you simply apply online. And in the situation that an interview is required, it can be done via video.

#2 - Digital business accounts are easy to operate

It’s not uncommon for a traditional bank account to have a website that looks like it hasn’t been updated since 2005.

In contrast, digital business accounts aren’t just easy to open - they are also easy to use.

Here at Currenxie, we take pride in our modern and minimalist UI. Our entire digital-experience is designed for a seamless and straightforward user-experience.

This allows you to spend more time running your business, and less time trying to navigate a complicated website or app.

#3 - Digital business accounts have everything you need to run an eCommerce business

Digital business accounts are more than just a place to receive funds. Here at Currenxie we offer a complete financial ecosystem for all of your businesses needs.

This includes…

  • Ability to send and receive money in multiple currencies (more on this next)
  • Foreign exchange at the real (interbank) rate
  • Access to our soon-to-launch Visa card
  • Financing and loans to help grow your business
  • Integrations with your favourite cloud accounting software

This means that as an eCommerce business owner, you will have access to a full arsenal of financial tools that can help you grow your business.

#4 - Easily send and receive payments in multiple currencies

Probably the most important thing for any eCommerce business is the ability to send and receive money across the world - no matter the currency.

Whether you work in USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, CAD, HKD (or all of the above), we provide banking in dozens of currencies and we are always working on adding new ones.

This means that you can accept payments from all over the world, and keep all of your currencies in a single and secure location.

#5 - Digital business accounts are secure for your eCommerce business

We know that accepting and paying with multiple currencies from around the world is crucial, but it doesn’t mean anything if your hard-earned money isn’t safe and secure.

Thankfully, digital business accounts are just as safe as traditional business bank accounts.

For example, here at Currenxie we hold our funds exclusively with leading international banks. We are also required by law to hold sufficient capital to ensure our customer’s assets are protected.

#6 - Access to banking apps for on-the-go-banking

As an eCommerce owner you know that you take your business everywhere you go. So if you are taking your business everywhere you go, you should be able to take your business banking with you too.

Most digital business bank accounts also give you access to an app, which means you have access to on-the-go banking.

Here at Currenxie, you can use our app to access your Global Account while you are on the go, and do everything you can from your computer. This means you can accept, send, and convert money from anywhere in the world - all from the convenience of your phone.

Final thoughts on why digital banking is perfect for eCommerce business owners

If you are running an eCommerce business, going with a digital business account can save you a ton of time, headache, and money. Digital banking business accounts are secure, easy to use, and provide a ton of convenience for modern business owners.

If you are looking for a digital business account, then apply online today so you can run a borderless business with our Currenxie Global Account.


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