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Real-time foreign exchange.

Currenxie 8 times cheaper

More competitive rates.

Our online service gives you real-time access to FX rates that can save you up to 8x more than traditional banks.
Currenxie Spot

Spot Contracts

For when you need to make an international payment immediately, spot contracts offer real-time wholesale rates, while your beneficiaries receive the exact amount the same or following day.
Currenxie FX

Forward Contracts

For businesses looking to protect their profit margins and manage FX risk, you can lock in rates up to one year in advance.

This graph shows a forward trade booked on Jan 12th for settlement on Dec 16th. On the settlement date, EUR will be exchanged for USD at the rate that was set on Jan 12th.


  • Fast and secure payments in 19 currencies to over 100 countries.
  • Bypass correspondent bank fees – the amount you send is the amount that arrives.
  • Fully online platform enables simple transaction management from one interface.

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