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    This post is available in English only.

    Currenxie x Hong Kong Fintech Week

    Currenxie x Hong Kong Fintech Week


    Hong Kong Fintech Week is the biggest show of the year for the latest and greatest in finance and technology, and for 2019 Currenxie is delighted to be a Fintech Partner and sponsor of the show.

    We will also be exhibiting our technology and solutions, so we hope to see many of you at Booth C11! We have a lot of exciting updates to our platform coming in the next few months, as well as a major product launch, so there will be plenty to discuss.

    HKFTW will be the first time we are publicly showcasing our new brand, in addition to announcing the next generation of our Global Account platform, coming early 2020.

    The Global Account is our premier product, and for 2020 we’ve completely rebuilt our architecture, in addition to our UI/UX, and will be integrating prepaid cards and financing, as well as our API, all on one platform for the first time.

    HKFTW takes place on November 6th & 7th at the AsiaWorld-Expo. It’s the final countdown, so register for your tickets now: fintechweek


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